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If you run an astrology website and interested in increasing visitors to your website, you are at the right place. Astro Utils is for you.

The Idea of Online Astrology Software for every wesite

Astrology is one of the hottest topics on internet. Even the people who say that they do not believe in astrology, are always found interested in knowing what astrologers say about them. Generally people visit a lot of astrology websites and forget those. When they need some personalized reports or services, they do not remember which websites they visited.

Why do the visitors not return?
Just think what a visitor can do on your website for free! Reading some of the articles posted by you, about the astrologer etc etc.

  • But after reading all this for once, why should the visitor visit back your site again as this information is not going to change?
  • Why should he/she register on your website?
  • Why should the visitor recommend your website to others?
The Solution
If you can give some of the personal predictions/information to your visitors for free and instantly, the visitor will like to see it again and again and for sure will recommend others to check the website. For example: if user can see his birth chart, horoscope, with some predictions like planet position in the horoscope and what will the impact be? What is his nakshatra predictions, moon sign predictions, ascendant analysis etc. Will not it be great for your users if they can check the gun-milan analysis on your site instantly with any of their partners/friends.
If this kind of services are available on your website for free, visitor will recommend their friends to register on your website and check all that. How will it be if you can give free online gun milan? This will lead to more visitors, which helps in increasing reputation of your website on search engines resulting in increased business.
But how to give all this for free? Here Astro Utils is a friend of you to help you out.
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