About Astroutils - Software for Online Astrology Services

The founder of Astro Utils is a software engineer by profession currently working with a reputed software company. Since his school days, he has a deep interest in physics and mathematics. Since the very starting of his career in software development, he has been related to astrology and astronomy in one way or other. He developed a software which could generate horoscope chart, and some analysis report from chart and online gun milan on a website when birth details are provided. For this development a lot of analysis and study was done for astronomy and good discussions were done with astrologers.

Later on he started getting requests from several astrologers (who knew that this developer developed that functionality) to get online horoscope chart, chart analysis and predictions, nakshatra predictions, moonsign predictions, name your child and mainly gun milan service to be developed for their websites. This was not so easy to do because some of the websites run on php some on classic asp and some on asp.net. Also complex calculations are needed for these functionalities which could result in server overload and hosting companies starts creating problems to the webmasters.

Then he got an idea to develop a service which will work independent of platform and without causing any load on your server. And the result is Astro Utils.

Using astroutils you can provide ascendant analysis, moonsign analysis, nakshatra analysis, planet position predictions and gun-milan live on your php/asp/.net website. It does not require any major programming knowledge and can be seamlessly integrated. And the great thing for you is that you can customize all the predictions/analysis to be provided by your website through easy to use web interface provide to you in admin panel provided by astroutils. All your customizations/changes are safe in admin panel provided to you at astroutils.com.

We hope this system will help astrologers a lot increasing business through their website.