Services Offered by Astro Utils - The Online Astrology Software

Using "Astro Utils - the online astrology software", you can provide the following services on your website online.
  • Ascendant Analysis

    You can get the house of ascendant of your users and give them predictions based on this. You just post the birth details to Astro Utils and our software return you house of ascendant or predictions/analysis based on it which you can show to your visitor online instantly. In this way your visitors get online Ascendant predictions instantly. You are not bound to give our astrologer's predictions to your visitors. You get an admin panel at Astro Utils and you can edit from there what predictions will be shown for which ascendant.
  • Moonsign Analysis

    Moonsign Analysis is the predictions based on moonsign of a person. This astrology software helps you giving moonsign predictions to your users online in the same way as ascendant analysis and these predictions are set by you what you predict for a horoscope based on the moonsign.
  • Nakshatra Analysis

    Astro Utils helps you getting nakshatra of your visitor on the fly. Based on nakshatra you can give nakshatra predictions to your visitors. You can give more services based on this like "Name your child astrologically", "What should my name start with" etc. In this way using this astrology software with your website, you can attract your visitors to come to your website again and again to check for them, their family. In Indian Hindu society, when a child is born - what should be name of the child is told by Pandits on 6th or 10th day. But every parent is excited to name their child as it is born or even before. Now your website users can come to your website as the child is born and check what letter the child's name should start with.
  • Planet Analysis

    Planet analysis is predictions based on placement of each planet on a person's horoscope. These predictions can also be managed by you for your website like if sun is located in first house then what should be the prediction. You can display the horoscope chart, placement of planets in tabular format and predictions based on this. What would you expect.
  • Online Gun Milan

    Gun Milan (also known as kundli milan or horoscope matching) is the traditional way in indian astrology to predict if a marriage will be successful or not. Online gun-milan is the service which is most requested on astrology websites. And this astrology software for your website makes it easiest for you. Just post birth data for boy and girl to Astro Utils software and display the response at your website.
  • Manglik Dosh

    A person is considered manglik if moon is located in first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelveth house of horoscope. This is believed that a manglik person should marry only a manglik for a successful married life so everyone is interested in knowing if (s)he or his/her partner is maglik. Astro Utils empowers your website to tell if the native is manglik or not on the fly.
This is not all. More services are coming up.

The great point is that this astrology software can be used by your website independent of your site programmed with asp or php or or jsp. Even if you switch your website for asp to php or vice-versa or from any platform to any other, all the online astrology service for your website are still there with your customized predictions.