How Astro Utils Works

Step by step process, how online services work on your website is as below:
  • Your website collects birth details of user from user input.
  • Your website (server side) sends a request to Astro Utils with users birth details and name of service.
  • In response Astro Utils sends you back the analysis and required information. You can get output from Astro Utils in three formats i.e. plain HTML, xml and json.
  • Your webserver will pass the information to user as response.

Personalizing the analysis yourself:

We understand that if several of astrologers start using Astro Utils for online services, their analysis and predictions should not be exactly same. Of course, you must have a right to give a personal touch the predictions that are shown on your website. So, when you register your website with Astro Utils, you get a backend (admin panel) for your website at Astro Utils to personalize the predictions/analysis presented at your website. The cases which you do not personalize, will be used as Astro Utils default settings. To get more details on how to use the admin panel from Astro Utils, please read our user manual.

In this way astroutils is a readymade highly customizable online astrology software for your website with great online services like ascendant analysis, moonsign predictions, nakshatra predictions, planet analysis and gun milan etc.